The Bedford Dog Owners Group 

(BDOG) is committed to enriching the

lives and recreational opportunities

for dogs and their owners

Did You Know That...

...for safety reasons, all dogs must be leashed when taken to and from your vehicle (Town ordinance/leash law); can cause fights among the dogs and so should never be brought into
the dog park; parks provide crucial socialization and recreation experiences for your canine;

...the Town of Bedford does not pick up dog waste left by owners. PLEASE do your part and pick up after your dog!

...Bedford Police and Dog Control regularly monitor the dog park, checking for the permit in your car windshield. Please display your permit in the RIGHT REAR WINDOW of your vehicle.

Visit the Canine Commons at 
Beaver Dam Park, 135 Beaver Dam Road in Katonah, New York.

Map: Google | MapQuest

The Canine Commons dog park, located at Beaver Dam Park is open to Bedford residents with a yearly permit. A yearly park permit must be purchased in addition to your regular dog license and proof of rabies. The required dog park permit can be obtained at the Bedford Town Clerk’s Office, 321 Bedford Road, Bedford Hills 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, or by appointment for Bedford residents if those hours don't work for you (call 666-4534).

Proof of current vaccinations must be provided.
Non-residents must provide proof of a valid NYS dog license from your municipality, in order to apply for a permit.

Please Note: The Town makes 50 permits available to non-residents. After the limit is reached, the Town Clerk’s office will keep an active list of names of individuals who would like to be considered for non-resident permit opportunities in the future. A non resident waiting list form will be available at the Town Clerk’s Office for individuals to complete and submit for future consideration.

2016 Yearly Permit Fees
1st Dog ~ $45 
2nd Dog ~ $25
3rd Dog ~ $20

Non-Residents ~ $135 per dog (SOLD OUT)
Guest of Resident ~ $10 per day

Questions regarding Canine Commons Dog Park permits should be directed to the Town Clerk’s Office at 914-666-4534. 

For more info visit the Town of Bedford website

If You See Something,
 Say Something!
Dog Park users are encouraged to contact the Bedford Police if others do not follow the posted dog park rules. You can reach them at
(914) 241-3111.

To become a BDOG member, or to inquire about Board openings, please contact us at:

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Looking for a Great Dog?
Rainbow is Up for Adoption!
Rainbow (Rainy) came to NY from the south via Heavenly Angels Rescue and is a mix of Coon Hound/Australian Shepherd. She is medium in height and weight, clearly has had a litter, and is probably 1.5 - 2 years old. She is great with kids, does not bark, very affectionate, gets along well with other dogs, was spayed a few weeks ago, is house broken & crate trained. Her temperament is described as very sweet towards humans and other dogs. For more info call Michael at 914-584-6815.

Aren't we fortunate to have a place in Bedford where dogs can safely run free? Tell your dog-owning friends all about the park!

Coyote Sightings:
Keep Your Dog On Leash
There have been several coyote sightings at the dog park. All the more reason to keep your dog safely on leash when outside the enclosures!
(Besides, it's one of the dog park rules!)

Poop On Your Shoes?
Don't Blame the Dogs!
Remember, the dogs can't pick up after themselves....that's why YOU are there!
The Town of Bedford DOES NOT pick up dog waste left by irresponsible dog owners. Please, if you see someone leaving a mess, say something to them before they leave. It is very simple to point out that we have a doggie bag waste system and that waste bags are there for use by all dog owners.

If you have any concerns about the breaking of posted dog park rules, we encourage you to call the Bedford Police at 914-241-3111.

Let's keep the dog park a clean and safe space for all dogs and their people. Thank You!

Our thanks to Rick Sanders of Sanders K-9 Training for his excellent presentation at our recent Dog Park event. Thanks also to Bill Heidepriem, Bedford's Recreation and Parks Superintendent, for his support of this program.

Rick Sanders, Master Dog Trainer, demonstrates with Louis

20 Foods a Dog
Never Eat:

Belly up to Jean's water bar!

Dog Park Rules are posted at the entrance of each enclosure. You can also view them on this website by scrolling to the bottom of any page. Click on "Dog Park Rules."

Please respect the rules so that everyone may enjoy this wonderful facility. Thank you!

Check out this article in All About Bedford:

Arbor Day at the Dog Park 
New Shade Trees Planted

Thanks to the efforts of Bedford's Tree Advisory Board (TAB) and the Town Recreation and Parks Department, three new shade trees were planted in the large dog enclosure in December, 2015. BDOG heard the calls for more shade in the large area, and we are happy and grateful to have them. Many of the large shade trees in the large dog enclosure are invasive species that are rotting or in bad health, and removal is only a matter of time. In the meantime, these new shade trees will begin thriving to add shade to the enclosure.
In celebration of Arbor Day/Tree City USA, a tree was planted in the small dog enclosure on April 16, 2016. Town Supervisor Chris Burdick read an Arbor Day proclamation and Tree Advisory Board Chairperson, Mike Serio, addressed the group. Barbara Harris, President of BDOG also spoke, thanking the TAB and the Town of Bedford for their generous support of the dog park.
Supervisor Chris Burdick reads Arbor Day Proclamation. Also attending (L to R) is TAB Chairperson Mike Serio and TAB members Bea Rhodes and Lou Bronico.

Pathway Project: Coating Blacktop Pathways Tennis Court Green
The Town has completed the pathway coating project, which BDOG had recommended to prevent dog paws from burning in the summer heat.
We owe a big "thank you" to the Town of Bedford: Supervisor Chris Burdick, the Town Board, and Recreation and Parks Superintendent Bill Heidepriem and his staff!