Dog Park Announcements

Park Users: Always clean up after your dog
Not only is it the right thing to do, you help prevent waste-borne diseases, which both people and dogs are susceptible to. This includes numerous parasites (worms) that are endemic in dog waste. Please use the waste bag system inside each enclosure and clean up for the safety and health of all dogs and their owners! 

Click this link for a list of diseases carried by dog waste:

Dog Park Etiquette and Rules
The rules for the Canine Commons are posted at the entryways to each enclosure. These guidelines exist so that everyone may enjoy the park safely - dogs and people alike. Rules for a dog park are different from other facilities, so please read and follow carefully. For example, bringing food into the enclosures (for people or dogs) is bound to cause misbehavior as the dogs try to get at the food. You cannot expect other dog owners to control their dogs if you bring food into the enclosures. You may view and print the rules using the link at the bottom of this page, or from Town of Bedford website.

Violations of the rules should be reported to the Bedford Police Department at 914-241-3111.

The dog park is open to Bedford residents with a yearly pass, which can be obtained through the Town of Bedford website. There are a limited number of passes available for out-of-town users, as well. These are sold on a first-come, first served basis. All passes must be renewed yearly in January.

Come visit the Canine Commons at Beaver Dam Park, 135 Beaver Dam Road in Katonah, New York.

We're Famous!!!
Our own Canine Commons was featured with an Honorable Mention in The Pet Gazette magazine (June/July 2012 issue). We were also featured in their August/September issue with an article entitled, "Recharged and Ready."

Digging is a serious safety problem. We discourage digging in the dog park, but if your dog does dig...please use the soil and shovel provided to fill the holes.  Digging creates dangerous trip hazards for other park users. In addition, holes dug under the fence allow dogs to escape. Holes near and under benches make them unstable. One has already broken and been removed!

Under no circumstances should dogs be allowed to dig 
under any fenced area.
Remember, you are responsible for your dog's behavior. 

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