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Are Mushrooms Toxic to Dogs?

Most are not, but read this article to know the signs of mushroom poisoning in dogs:

Article: Roaming Coyotes Concern Pet Owners, Parents

Summer Safety Tips
Here are a few reminders to keep your pets safe and happy this summer:
• Never leave a pet alone in a parked car, not even with the windows cracked open - cars heat up quickly to temperatures that can be deadly.
• Limit exercise in extreme heat and humidity to guard against heatstroke; take walks in the morning or evening, and watch out for hot pavement-try walking your pup on the grass instead.
•Dogs with fair coats and short hair are more prone to sunburn, and even skin cancer, so limit their time in the extreme mid-day sun.
•Check your dog head to toe for ticks after every walk.
Always make sure your pet has plenty of water to stay well-hydrated.
•Summer fun often includes fireworks, which can be scary to dogs and cats; keep your pets locked safely inside away from the commotion so they don't run off and become lost.
•Make sure your window screens are strong and secure, especially if you live on a high floor; it's not uncommon for cats to push right through screens to get to something outside that catches their attention.
•Have your dogs and cats micro-chipped and make sure they wear their ID tags; with summer house guests coming in and out, the chance of a pet getting lost increases.
•Don't invite Fido to the BBQ; scraps from the grill can cause stomach upset, and BBQ staples like onions, chocolate (for those S'mores) and pitted fruits like peaches can be harmful or even poisonous to dogs.