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Email from Non-resident


Hopefully I am using the proper process to send you this note...if not please forward to the appropriate person.

I read in the email 11/1 of the BDOG News...that there is a conversation/proposal afloat to allow for a certain number of "non-resident" passes be made available for the Canine Commons Dog Park. Although I was unclear about who would be eligible to purchase these passes...and are the an annual pass??

WONDERFUL!! We will keep all of our paws crossed.

I supported BDOG in it's developmental stages....and contributed financially as well...attending the swim days at the Town Park...and also attended your "Going to the Dogs" fundraiser several years ago...dragging several of my dog crazy buddies along...we all participated in the silent auction fundraiser. I also attended an agility class with woman named Patricia Berry who shared BDOG updates with me as the project went along.

So....I was obviously VERY disappointed to learn that when the park finally opened ...that as a Pound Ridge resident ..I was not allowed to enjoy the park. It was unfortunate that the town did not disclose this fact while the Dog Park was being developed.

I have recently had the pleasure of enjoying the park with my four footed we are attending the terrific Agility classes being held there on Saturdays. Fortunately...the town allowed NON RESIDENTS to sign up...IF there was space after Bedford residents signed up...and at a premium fee. Again I recruited several of my non Bedford dog buddies to join too...! If only the weather were a bit more cooperative!

The park is really beautiful ....and appears to be well kept. I see lots of people enjoying spending time there...socializing and exercising with their dogs...and chatting with other pet parents.

I hope that you are successful in convincing the Town of Bedford to be a bit more neighborly... Its funny...if you do even the slightest bit of research you will see that for some reason... the State of NY is FAR behind the rest of the country in its "dog friendly" attitude....its sad to see that the Town of Bedford is also "behind the times"! I really don't understand the closed minded attitude of the Town Board regarding the Dog Park. ...obviously there is not a true pet lover in the bunch! Its really strange...why are they taking such an obstinate stand about the dog park attendees...??? We would certainly be contributing to the funds needed to maintain the park.

Hmmm.... I am sure that well as many Bedford residents... have enjoyed some of the activities in the Pound Ridge Town Park...for example ...our 4th of July fireworks are always well attended by Bedford-ites! Should the Town of Pound Ridge make a point of telling them that they are not welcome???? Its really very silly...and petty.

Best of luck to you....I'll be cheering from the side-lines...or as the town sees it...the other side of the tracks!! Keep us posted...I'll be the first in line to purchase a pass. If you are successful...I'd love to chat about volunteering in some way to support the park...I have a few ideas and suggestions that I would love to share.

We are rooting for you! WOOF!!!

All the best...

Kate M.